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Software Engineer I

Kota Kinabalu

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Pandan Digital

Employment type

Full Time

Salary range

Up to RM2200

Job Description

Our technology stack:
- Ruby, Ruby on Rails and sometimes Python (and also Django).
- Bootstrap 5 and sometimes Tailwind.
- AWS (EC2, S3, RDS, Aurora), and sometimes Digital Ocean or Heroku.
- Plain vanilla Javascript with StimulusJS.
- Atom.io or Vim.
- Zsh.
- We are expanding our stack to include Flutter (or ReactNative) (please see our job openings for Software Engineer (Mobile).

- Portfolio for software projects on Github.
- Comfortable using Git and Github from the terminal/command line.
- Know Unix commands.
- Team player, able to meet the deadline, excellent communicator, and motivated to learn and deliver.

- Advantage for Ruby enthusiasts, and comfortable navigating in Linux server environments.
- Advantage for those with TDD/BDD knowledge and experience.

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